Dr. Gaurav Hans

Founder- BBMG Award

Dr Gaurav Hans is an exceptional individual, blending various roles and responsibilities seamlessly. It’s very impressive to watch how he harmonises a career in Medicine with such impactful roles in the entertainment industry, social activism, and devotion to Gandhi’s principles.

Establishing the BBMG Awards showcases his commitment to acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of individuals and entities that uplift the reputation of our country globally. It’s incredibly inspiring to see Dr. Gaurav using his platforms to limelight on deserving talent and innovations of our country to the locally and globally.

Being involved in organisations like Swabhiman India Foundation, GV Film production, and serving with Hollywood and Bollywood global media Corporation in the USA signifies a diverse and influential network he holds. Additionally rewarded a honoured positions as the president of the International Maitreya Sansthan and the Info-European Business Council speaks volumes about his leadership skills and international impact.

His dedication as a philanthropist and his multi-faceted involvement in various sectors is praiseworthy. Dr. Gaurav Hans has been serving as beacon of inspiration for the youth, showing that with a great passion, dedication and a broad vision which is accomplishing multiple domains and achieving a substantial difference in our Society.